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The frequency of pedestrians is the decisive measurement for the attractiveness of a location. Whether as a retailer, city, city marketing, business development, owner, project developer or real estate consultant - a large number of partners are already benefiting from the frequency data for precisely their individual city location.
Our community is constantly growing and we invite you to join us! Then, as a location partner and member of the community, you can achieve sustainable added value for your business, too.


You can generate sustainable benefits for your business or project from the pedestrian frequency at your individual location. Only if you analyse your location on the basis of valid facts, can you evaluate it and take adoptive measures to optimise it.

Your advantages as a city, city marketing or business development agency

With the frequency data you can:

  • Compare your city and your location with 308 locations in 110 cities
  • Analyse the effects of city festivals
  • Assess sales-open Sundays and justify them with facts
  • Evaluate urban development measures, such as the conversion into pedestrian zones
  • Compare different city district locations
  • Create the basis for a smart city

Your advantages as a retailer

Your advantages as an owner, project developer or real estate consultant

The data

We do not offer mere algorithms or projections. We offer real and valid data - transparently and comprehensibly prepared.

  • A fully automated measurement of pedestrian frequencies 24 hours a day 365 days a year
  • Retrievable in real time
  • Various evaluation tools (e.g. comparison of locations and time periods, weather data, etc.)
  • Measurement with laser technology, 99% accurate
  • 100% data protection compliant

You can find more information on the technique and methodology here


For our location partners, we offer all services from a single source - individually and customised

  • Personal consultation
  • Feasibility check on site at your location
  • Selection of suitable properties
  • Installation of the laser scanners
  • Commissioning and support
  • Transparent and comprehensible presentation in the web portal
  • Access to the largest network on pedestrian frequency topics


As the market leader in pedestrian frequency measurement, we buy technology and external services "as a package" at special conditions. We gladly pass this advantage on to you as a location partner and member of the community.

Personal consultation

Are you interested in measuring visitor flows at your location or property? Do you want to draw sustainable benefits for your business from the data?

Contact us now and become our partner!

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