Method of pedestrian frequency counting

The laser scanners (type PeCo LC) of all counting points are permanently installed on house facades. As a rule, the devices are installed at a height of approx. 20 metres. The device can thus optimally measure a street width of up to 25 metres, with smaller street widths the installation height can be precisely reduced. For street widths over 25 metres, it is possible to measure from two opposite sides. The published data is always the pedestrian frequency of the entire street width (unless otherwise specified).

Since no personal data is collected, there are no data protection restrictions. To ensure 99% reliable counting, the laser sets up four counting lines. In this way, the counter can not only distinguish between different zones, but also determine the pedestrians' walking directions. This technique also makes it possible to distinguish between children and adults, as height is also a measurable characteristic. On our website you will only find the pedestrian frequencies of pedestrians from a size of 80 cm.

Please note that this offer is a beta version. We want to expand our offer and improve it in cooperation with the users. The data already transmitted today are also randomly checked and, if necessary, corrected. The laser must have a clear view of its measuring lines. If these are blocked by external circumstances (e.g. scaffolding, cranes, superstructures or treetops), temporary measurement inaccuracies may result. Even in the event of a power failure, for example, it is not possible to record the frequencies.

In the event of a missing Internet connection, the current live data may temporarily differ from the actual, final data. In this case, the data is stored internally in the scanner and transmitted via GSM after a renewed connection. Afterwards, the data is assigned so that the correct frequencies are recorded. Deviations between live data and checked final data are indicated in the graphic display by a corresponding symbol (flash). Live data and final data differ in the graphical representation by the color of the bars: red for live data and blue for checked final values. Finally, it should be mentioned that this is a class 1 laser. It creates invisible measurement lines on the floor through which people are counted. Due to the laser class, there is no danger to the human eye.

Further technical data of the PeCo LC.

Weight: PeCo LC: 3.4 kg

Dimension PeCo LC: 247x121x109 (hxdxw)

The PeCo LC must be installed at a minimum height of 4m, the maximum height is 20m.

The electricity consumption is 0.047 kW/h, which results in costs of approx. 45€/year.