hystreet-Index: hy-X

A pedestrian frequency indicator for the whole of Germany

How much is going on in our city centres?
The hystreet-Index powered by econworks (hy-X) answers this question precisely with a key figure that can be interpreted in a stable manner: representative, differentiated and in real time.
Trend October 01, 2023 – March 31, 2024
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What is the hystreet-index based on?

The data for the hy-X powered by econworks is generated from our nationwide network of laser scanners. At suitable measuring points in Germany's most important shopping streets, we measure pedestrian frequencies digitally: 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, 99% accurate and absolutely data-protection compliant. Our data basis is free of extrapolated bias and far more than usual samples. It contains exactly what really matters: the number of people passing by a measuring point in a certain period of time.

The size of our scanner network allows through the hy-X to make valid statements about the development of pedestrian frequency for all inner city areas in German cities with more than 50,000 inhabitants. We currently have more than 230 scanners in operation here - and the number is growing every month. More details on the measurement method for the the hystreet-index can be found here Method

How does the hystreet-Index (hy-X) work?

The hystreet-index powered by econworks is based on a balanced aggregation of the measurement data from all installed scanners. To ensure the representativeness of the data, all important site characteristics are taken into account: : the size of the city, the catchment area of the scanner, the spatial location of neighboring scanners in relation to each other, the location class as well as the real estate economic significance according to ZIA.

In this way, the data from each individual scanner is incorporated into the index with exactly the weight required to ensure representativeness. This ensures that our index remains stable for interpretation over long periods of time and as our scanner network continues to expand.

On request, we can also provide you with regional and local variants of our index, which are fully comparable with each other due to the aggregation mechanism described above.

Who benefits from the hystreet-index hy-X?

  • Supra-regional retail companies with a stationary sales channel
  • Local retail and gastronomy businesses
  • Real estate industry (project developers, asset managers, landlords, brokers, etc.)
  • Municipal actors (city administration, regional economic development, city marketing, building planning office, city cleaning, etc.)
  • Media and marketing industry (media agencies, marketing consultancies, etc.)

What can the hy-X do?

The hy-X provides a sound data basis for a variety of important applications:

  • Benchmarking: What is going on in a city? How is my city centre location developing over time and in comparison to alternative locations?
  • Potential analysis: What is the business potential of a city centre location? Are there economically more favourable alternatives to a location?
  • Analysis of measures: What have my marketing measures achieved? Did I have a disproportionately high number of customers or guests compared to the number of passers-by before my measures?
  • Forecast and planning: How will the number of passers-by and customers develop? How do I therefore have to plan my staffing?
+97.80 %+77.77%+93.83 %+89.59 %+89.21 %+101.23 %+107.35 %+95.50 %+92.43 %+87.39 %+83.62 %+93.34 %+97.09 %+66.52 %+92.03 %** Development of the index value per federal state in the last completed month compared to the previous month

How can you get started with the hystreet-index?

1. Just test it
Register for free, view data and get to know the index Signup here

2. Request a quote
Formulate a request and get the processed data and/or index from us via API, CSV, Dashboard.

3. use automated API solution
Define your own requirements profile for your custom-fit solution, contact us, start using the API. hystreet API

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