API for pedestrian frequencies

Integrate hystreet frequencies easily into your data infrastructure

For more data-driven decisions.
With the API programming interface, you get direct and seamless access to the hystreet database. Transfer pedestrian frequencies automatically and securely into your internal system and use them for reports, dashboards and regular analyses. You determine the frequency and level of detail of the data query according to your Business Intelligence.
Our REST API provides data about the respective sites and measurements in JSON format. For technical details and examples, visit our documentation page at: https://hystreet.com/apidocs
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  • Complete data without delay
    Data is collected in real time and can be viewed directly by the user.

  • Measurement of walking direction
    With the detection of the direction of movement, walking paths of passers-by can be analyzed.

  • Free choice of evaluation mode
    Minutely, hourly, daily, weekly or monthly evaluations possible.

  • Distinction between adults & children
    The height of passers-by is measured by laser scanners (adults > 150 cm).

  • Historical data since 2018
    Long time series for detailed analyses of how pedestrian frequencies develop.

  • Additional feature: weather data
    This feature allows hourly weather data to be included in the analysis.

  • Division into zones / street sides
    The number of people walking in direct line of sight of a store window is determined.

Learn more about the methodology

How our customers use the hystreet API

Visitor flow and sales models

econworks is a specialist in machine learning and data analytics with many years of experience in the retail sector. hystreet data is the ideal building block for many models to explain local success in visitor flow and sales. econworks delivers recommendations, forecasts & dashboards. The added value ranges from operational recommendations for action to fundamental strategic insights.

Smart City Münster

The dashboard of the Smart City Münster staff unit visualizes real-time data. This makes it possible, among other things, to examine the effectiveness of measures in the urban space on various topics (e.g. environmental data, mobility).

Dashboard Germany

The dashboard Germany of the Federal Statistical Office provides an overview of socially and economically relevant data from various subject areas. The number of passers-by is interpreted as an indicator for retail visits and private consumption.

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You can find technical details about the API on our documentation page. The interactive interface also provides examples to show you how the API works and how you can use it.
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