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  • Mit den Daten von ermitteln wir täglich unsere Conversion-Rates und analysieren quasi live, warum mehr oder weniger Kunden unsere Läden betreten. In der Konsequenz können wir unseren Auftritt unmittelbar anpassen. Das sind wirklich wertsteigernde Informationen.

    Martin Kanngiesser, Geschäftsführer LPP Deutschland GmbH
  • Retailers can use the pedestrian frequency data, for example, to calculate conversion rates, optimize workforce planning, and measure storefront impact.

  • Cities, city marketing and business development measure the attractiveness of their city centres and e.g. the success of events.

  • Property owners and investors can more reliably assess and compare the location quality of their properties.

  • City centre visitors can use the figures to identify the optimal shopping time for them - lively or quiet.

  • Consultants can show prospective tenants the turnover potential of a location and thus support them even better in their decision to rent.

  • Marketing experts use the exact pedestrian frequency data to plan advertising measures and measure their success (CPM).

  • City and traffic planners have an important basis for their analyses and planning.

  • Scientists receive a reliable data basis to answer a variety of questions.

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