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6Countries measures pedestrian frequencies in prime inner-city retail locations: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with 99% accuracy.
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Data as indispensable added value for almost all stakeholders: retailers, investors, city and traffic planners, retail researchers and marketing experts as well as for downtown visitors.It'snew
Transparency for the first time: facts versus assumptions, measurements versus opinions, evidence versus gut feeling.

Precise data for sustainable city centers

City centers are undergoing rapid change and are facing major challenges against the backdrop of digitalization, COVID-19 and online retailing, among other things. In addition, more and more decisions from almost all areas of life are being made on the basis of data. The digitalized smart city of the future is inconceivable without a valid data basis.

We firmly believe that city centers will continue to be the center of social life in the future. In this context, pedestrian frequencies represent the metric for measuring the attractiveness of our city centers. This is where comes in as the largest and freely accessible platform for pedestrian frequency data. Compare locations, analyze urban development measures, or use the data to evaluate the sales potential of a particular location. You can find more benefits on our partner page.

Data from the market leader via laser technology.

Thanks to the laser technology we use, we as a service provider are able to determine the exact pedestrian frequency in real time and make it available immediately. We attach great importance to absolute transparency and a clearly understandable methodology that is 100 percent compliant with data protection laws.

In partnership with municipal stakeholders, we are continuously expanding the service to include new cities and locations. Whether metropolis or small town – as a market-leading data provider, we enable you to compare any city size.

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The top 3 locations last Saturday

Top location last Saturday

Neuhauser Straße (Ost)
Schildergasse (Mitte)
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Data delivery via API delivers frequency data to contractors via standard REST API. The API provides the data of the respective locations and measurements in JSON format. Technical details about the API can be found on our documentation page. On the interactive interface, you can also learn how the interface works and how you can use it by means of examples.
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